Management services are integral to the day to day running of your vessel. Our dedicated management services encompass a range of elements including:-

Create Your Own Systems

  • Assistance in flag registration
  • Ownership structure for private and commercial vessels
  • Setup budgeting for annual running costs
  • Bespoke software for accounting and budgeting
  • Virtual office for team management and control

Safety & Security

  • Implementation of MINI ISM
  • Forms, documents and checklist for captain and crew
  • Assistance with the safety maintenance system
  • Designated ashore support available 24/7

Technical Support, Maintenance, Refit & New Construction

  • Appointment of trusted sub-contractor for maintenance and repairs
  • Project management, surveys and consulting in technical operations
  • Project management of software installation for remote collaboration, assistance and consulting

Crew Management & Administration

  • Support in hiring and retaining captain and crew
  • Platform/database for crew search and crew research
  • Contracts, payroll and payslip
  • Training and course support

Legal Assistance & Consulting

  • Contracts
  • Disputes
  • Project assurance (started, advanced and completed)
  • Reduce owner liabilities

How Does It Work?

Before we can successfully recommend the right people we like to conduct a free consultation. This will allow us to find out more information about your vessel, crew and requirements. From here we can then look to implement crew and management systems in which will be most beneficial.