To eliminate the stresses of running your vessel, so that you can enjoy the experience and simplify the process we offer a range of consulting services. All of our services are focused on our clients most critical issue. Our aim is to make the ownership of a yacht and also the overall yachting industry an easier place to be.

Fecused on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities; Our aim is to make yachting business life easier

Our consultancy covers the following:-

  • How to choose your boat and the process before purchasing
  • Analysis of needs and create organisation and ownership structure
  • Assistance in building out crew and team from management to key people
  • Define budgets for key areas such as maintenance, operations, crew, classification and safety
  • Assistance and support for owner and captain

All of our consultants are highly experience individuals who have worked within the yachting industry for many years and are well versed in selecting products for our clients.

We also offer a range of technical consultancy options which include:-

  • Creatting of secure environments and data protection policies. We also cover a wide spectrum of communication technologies, such as Bitrix and information security.
  • Setup of YManage and video conference call system
  • Implementation of GPDR policies

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Are you ready to begin your journey to full digitalisation? Our team are always on hand to support, share advice and give information about the various systems and platforms in which we operate.