To make the MOST of your experience and simplify operations for yourself as well as your clients, we provide a defined Range of Consulting Services.

Fecused on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities; Our aim is to make yachting business life easier

Yacht Management, Business Development, Technology for the Yachting Industry

  • ▪ How to choose your Boat and how expertise before the purchase
  • ▪ Analyze needs and create organization and ownership structure
  • ▪ Assistance in team building from management to Key People
  • ▪ Define a Budget for Main Area like Mainteinance, Operations, Crew, Classification and Safety.
  • ▪ Assistance and support to Owner and Captain
  • ▪ Freedom to choose your consultant from the platform and evaluate his profile from previous feedback, Achieved Goals and Results.

Our consultants have main industry experience and expertise with the support of our partner ecosystem.

Secure environment and data protection are Main Raise priority. We cover a wide spectrum of communication technologies, such as Bitrix, Information Security,

YManage and Video Conf Call, , Symantek, Main Raise Yachting Platform .

Personal data protection is a basic human right and we follow General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

And About Consultancy in Innovative Solutions, Have you heard about "DIGITAL" but you don't know:

  • ▪ How to leverage digital within your yacht management?
  • ▪ How to  turn your ideas into reality?
  • ▪ Are you ready?
  • ▪ How to do it & to adapt it into your existing structure?
  • ▪ Standard or customized product?
  • ▪ How to ensure roll out and continuous improvements  

Our Team of Developer is at your finger.


Are you ready to begin, continue or improve your digital transformation? Or would you just like to talk about your problem and try to find a solution, Please book a meeting , and one of our consultants will contact you.

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