"ZETA ELLE" is REALITY Shipyard Marli Ltd .of Manfredonia active since 1965.

Today the Shipyard Marli is considered a true reference point in Puglia but particularly in Gargano, Tremiti Islands and including all sailors making their way in the lower and middle Adriatic.

The Shipyard Marli Construction of Manfredonia is equipped with modern means of launching, transportation and haulage, also boasts a fully equipped area for the processing of rubber-coated fabric, fiberglass, wood, with shipwrights and a modeling department and molds equipped of numerically controlled milling machine in addition to a pool of experts in the design and cAD-cAM machining. After 30 years of experience in sailing dinghies and with careful study and comparison on the needs and user trends to "live the sea at 360 °", the first model was created: "ZL One" which is already "trend", a mix of ergonomics, safety and elegance. The activity takes place on an area of ​​about 10,000 square meters, including 1,500 seats and a building used as offices.

The Shipyard is located in the port of Manfredonia, between the fishing fleet and the future marina, three minutes walk from the city center.