Ymanage24 Features You Absolutely Must Try in 2019

Do you think that everyday work with Excel sheets, post-it notes, and mail folders are better? or safe and convenient?What if, you will get a centralized management software solution for all your needs from managing staff/Documentation control/communication to track projects and tasks. ymanage is always there to provide you best solutions and services. Here again, Main Raise is available with the enterprise software platform for yacht management with one of the best CRM i.e.ymanage24.With all the information in a CRM system, you can spend your time on some productive things than hopeless searching and can get more leads which can generate better revenue for your organization​.
Over the past five decades, CRM has evolved out of an assortment of other business programs. During that time, the CRM business has experienced drastic that could have crashed the whole idea. But the launch of ymanage24 in collaboration with Bitrix proved it wrong and most of the industry started taking benefit of it. Bitrix24 provides a complete suite of social collaboration, communication, and management tools for your team, including CRM, Task, Documents, sharing Files, project management, Messaging, calendars, and many more​.

As we are pretty sure that all of these features will significantly improve your productivity, before you use this amazing tool, we want to point out some best features of ymanage24 which are mentioned below.

  • ·       Task Automation:- Task automation is one of the best feature of ymanage24, which is especially valuable for the large project as well as for small projects. Our task automation service enables sending and receiving a notification, fast and easy deadline follow up and keeping up with the project updation and modification. These amazing features can make your work easy and more productive.

  • Slider Panel:- With this function, you will have these things, Gantt charts, calendar and CRM report. You can also print Ymanage24 pages and slider panels through the print option in the bottom of your screen. There are rare CRM available in market who are providing such features,Ymanage24 is one of them so do not have doubt to buy.
  • Webmail Service: -With this webmail service, this includes the connection of multiple addresses to your yamange24 account facilitated working with several accounts and users. This implies that shared email inboxes easily can be accessed by multiple people through this advanced access setting permission system.  This Webmail is especially useful for the corporation and team members. Even there are more useful features are in this, which is, you can route mails from existing users to assigned CRM managers. and you can convert emails to tasks. This feature of webmail will save your time and energie. ·      
  • Expense Tracking:-  This is useful for efficient cost management and also control over the all expenses done by your employees. In this convenient feature it is allows creating financial records, recording expenses, create financial  reports and submitting them for approvals.This is not only for a single user, multiple users can create their expenses records while the administrator can track all of them  ·       
  • Document Builder: - Suppose you could make Service Agreement, purchase orders, contracts, shipping shows, waybills, bills of filling etc inside a CRM! Now This is possible with the our Ymanage24 CRM report manufacturer! You will get many things in a single CRM.
  • Mobile Task:- Nowadays most of the people are keep themselves busy in mobile more than pc's, then it would be more convenient if you will have a chance to done work task through your mobile,  Ymanage24 enabled accessing tasks via your mobile phone. There are multiple features in this section such as task status, priority rating goals and deadline etc and the best feature in this, you can easily assign the roles and share

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Sunday, 17 November 2019
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