TrackFleet 360 GPS Live Tracking Software

Comprehensive and pervasive Dashboard
It was never easy to locate and manage fleet from one central location, TrackFleet360 provides you complete all-inclusive and Real-time Dashboard to view and manage your fleet with contentment and simplicity.

Dashboard favors Owner/users in certain ways:

Right here! Just a glance to locate fleet in real-time location mapping. The real-time map is instrumented on the dashboard to track and manage the fleet. An extensive and comprehensive mapping solution enables our GPS tracking dashboard to deploy anywhere in the world.

  • Report a total number of the active geofence, total active Place of Interest (POI) and also displays the weather reporting.
  • An owner can track his subscriptions and related details like Total registered drivers, vehicles, trips and remaining drivers, vehicle and trips respectively as per subscription.
  • Several reports displayed in handsome and graceful chart representation like Driver trip counts, driver over speed alert chart etc.
  • Can assign tasks from Dashboard from To do list, and can edit and manage profile as it also shows the completion of a profile in percentage.
  • Dashboard notifies all recent activities in a section and also have a sidebar menu to provide Road and Sea route mapping, configuration, POI settings, trip, template, reports, transceiver, Admin and user settings.
  • There is a special Live tracking Tab available on the Dashboard to track fleet & drivers mobility and can send a command to them, watch their history of trips, trace POI and Geo fence and much more...

Maps and Routing
We consolidate one of the world's promptly and latest Real-Time GPS mapping technologies available. This grants us to provide authentic, accurate and detailed maps for the entire world.
TrackFleet360 map feature provides the dispatcher with the current location, status, speed, and heading for each vehicle. Unlike other GPS systems that only update once every 5 to 15 minutes, the Fleetpath360 tracking application typically updates as often as every 10 seconds. With the TrackFleet360 Fleet Management System, you are always in control of your fleet.
Here you have the flexibility to choose different maps views like Road Map, Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain, Street View etc.

We have built-in routing capabilities, allowing you to direct your mobile workforce to use the most efficient and cost-effective routes. Routing also enables you to route lost drivers from their current position to customer locations.
Routing effectively reduced cost and save time by providing the shortest and quickest path through our route optimization process.
Dispatch and routing improve the efficiency as one can track the vehicle and driver associated to it, can send commands to him and set the new location as per the requirement so to manage fleet for quick time and cost saving service.

Marine Route
TrackFleet360 is a unique application provides both land and marine Real-time mapping solutions developed in coordination of Main Raise and WDMtech. With advanced GPS system technology, we are heading and leading in Marine fleet management through our ultimate and easy to use features.
Separate robust and secure database for marine routes provides you fast and steady access to the different ports or POIs.
You can manage new marine routes, ports, users (captain, sailor, skipper etc.) from the Dashboard sidebar menu and can trace fleet on the dynamic real-time map through advanced GPS technology system.
You can have vast variety of fleet like Boats ( Fishing boat, Catamaran, cuddy cabins, Center console, Dinghy boats, Houseboats, Trawler boats, cabin cruiser etc.), Ships ( Dry cargo ships, Bulk carriers, general cargo Vessels, container vessels, Reefer vessels, Ro-Ro vessels, liquid cargo ships, crude carriers etc.), Megayachts, aircraft carriers, Troopship etc.

For any successful bussiness proper flow of accurate information throughout the chain of employees, staff, client, manager, director etc. is precisely unavoidable. This leads to the infromation sharing in a convinient way.

With TrackFleet360 reporting, you have the tools much need to cut operating costs, increase employee productivity and improve customer satisfaction. Detailed analysis of your mobile assets and their respective productivity provides valuable insight for any business owner.

TrackFleet360 featured profuse ways of reporting. One can generate reports in xls and pdf formats. Each and every statistical figure related to fleet can be collected as a report.
Some of the reports generated are Client report, employee report, fleet summary, POI Report, Trip report, vehicle report, vehicle status report etc.

Alarms and notifications
To make progress and to reduce loopholes it is really important to always get updated. TrackFleet360 is incorporated with a much-needed feature to get alarms and notifications for major to minor activities. You cannot monitor fleet 24*7, so TrackFleet360 do it for you and provides you notifications of the activities done.
Events can be generated while overspeeding of the dispatcher, when the engine got idle, when vehicle zone in or out from the geofence boundaries, trip assign notification, product dispatch notification etc.
Every event leads to generate alarm and notification, these notifications can be monitored from the dashboard Bell icon or can be configured to mail or mobile number.

GPS Fleet tracking
TrackFleet360 uses GPS Global Positioning System (GPS) to track the location of an entity or object remotely. The technology can pinpoint longitude, latitude, ground speed, and course direction of the target.
Fleet on routes are traced by the GPS and their complete information is shown, in case of land routes address of POIs with names are shown, but in case of sea routes address is defined in longitude and latitude.
The location accuracy is anywhere from 100 to 10 meters for most equipment. Accuracy can be pinpointed to within one meter with special military-approved equipment.
TrackFleet360 supports AVL systems, generally include a network of vehicles that are each equipped with a mobile radio receiver, a GPS receiver, a GPS modem and a GPS antenna. This network connects with a base radio consisting of a PC computer station as well as a GPS receiver and interface. GPS uses interactive maps rather than static map images on the Web.
TrackFleet360 supports modern technology transceivers (Data loggers, Data pushers, data pullers), wearable GPS trackers, vehicle and equipment GPS trackers, Plug-In GPS trackers, Hardwired GPS tracking units etc. to provide accuracy in reports to make significant and more sophisticated decisions.

GEO Fence Fleet tracking
Geofence is a virtual geographic boundary, defined by GPS or RFID technology, that enables software to trigger a response when a GPS device (could be a mobile) enter or leaves a particular area.
Trackfleet360 enables you to create and manage as many geofences as you want, these geofences can be dynamically shown on the maps. Geofence can be increased or decreased in size depends on the area of fleet mobility.
An alert will be generated and notification will be sent in case of any fleet leaves or enter any geofence. This ensures the delivery of goods to the right place within the committed time. This improves customer service and response time. Also, decrease running and operating cost.
Provides security by generating alerts in case of any sorts of loot or theft, so that early measures could be taken in any such case.

Fleet Real-Time Status Monitoring
TrackFleet360 enables you to monitor the status of your entire fleet within a single screen. This provides fleet management a quick and easy tool to ensure productivity and adherence to customer appointment/delivery schedules.
It shows the name of the driver and device, vehicle name, vehicle number, latitude and longitude details (in case of sea routes), the name of the location in case of (land routes) etc.
Our system automatically and accurately tracks and records your vehicle's location and determines off-road travel using advance geofence asset tracking tool.
You can now be assured that your critical and expensive cargo travels on the designated route. Make efficient use of your entire fleet by stopping unwanted deviations.
Reports the data fetched from GPS device whether the vehicle is moving or not, in the case of Idle Engine, it will generate notification so that possible issues could be identified and resolved on yearly bases.

Real-Time Location Reporting
TrackFleet360 use Geographic information systems (GIS) (also known as Geospatial information systems) that enable users to capture, store, analyze and manage spatially referenced data.
In real time location reporting a bad factor is traffic, so by the real-time system you can get reported for a traffics jams and can change fleet route with the second shortest and quickest path for the destination. It notifies dispatchers about the hotels, health centers or hospitals, religious places, vehicle repair shop etc with the help of GIS. Geofences can be monitored separately to trace the locations of each and every vehicle or ship with accurate latitude and longitude values. Our GIS capabilities include the creation and maintenance of environmental databases, data conversion (e.g., from CAD, GPS and other GIS formats), mapping, spatial analysis and environmental modeling.

Detail trip and Vehicle history
TrackFleet360 innovate the methodology to manage trips and provides the easy interface to manage the fleet on each trip.
Reviewing and auditing trips and vehicles are very necessary, so fleetpath360 provides a feature to capture and store a detailed history of each and every trip.
You can check the history by selecting vehicle and duration, it will show you total journeys, total distance covered etc
It also shows the data for each vehicle like start and finishes locations of each journey, the time is taken for each journey, zone in and zone out notifications, over speed notifications with date and time.
Also, it shows the tracks on the Maps as single vehicle followed during the duration selected.
One can also check how many stoppages made by the driver in a single trip so to reduce them to save time on next trip.

Message and delivery
Better communication always makes improved and ensured delivery without hiccups. TrackFleet360 provides you an efficient way to communicate with the client or command dispatchers or drivers of a fleet. It generates automatic notifications and alerts for each and every event.
Delivery of product can also be notified when a driver checked in the destination location set for the trip. And new command can be assigned to him, which can save time and fuel and reduce cost.
An owner can create multiple customs or predefined templates and get drivers notifies with them, the message will directly send to the dispatcher mobile number to assign him the next task.

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