The Pleasure to Own a Yacht

Appraisal, Planning, Execute & Monitoring

The Pleasure
of Owning a Yacht

Appraisal, Planning, Execute & Monitoring

The Challenge of Our Management

Make you do it from Anywhere

Location Independent

Do it from Anywhere

Developing Solutions

For Owner, Crew & Start Up

Developing Solutions

Tailor made tools for help Owner, Crew & Start Up

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Here at Main Raise Yachting, we make it our mission to provide an impeccable standard of service for our clients. Our team of yacht managers, agents and charter brokers are as passionate about the sea as you are, and it is from this passion that our company’s vision was born.

With over 15 years of experience in the luxury yachting industry, we’ve developed and curated a vast international network of talented consultants, esteemed marine product suppliers and world class crew.

How we work

We believe that freedom is fundamental to happiness, and the life of a yachting professional should be all about freedom.

Through the power of remote working, the ability to work from any point on the globe is now a reality. Main Raise Yachting is founded on this principle, which is why we provide the tools and support you need to operate your yachting business and achieve your goals, wherever you happen to be.

Our pioneering Virtual Office software is available at your fingertips anywhere you have an internet connection.

We are commited to help you!

Whether you are a yacht owner looking for a seamless management service, you’re interested in buying or selling a yacht, or you want to build a successful yachting business, we have the solution for you.

Contact our team today and let us guide you to success.

Work is our discipline!

O’er the glad waters of the dark blue sea,
Our thoughts are boundless, and our souls as free,
Far as the breeze can bear, the billows foam,
Survey our empire, and behold our home!

-- Lord Byron, from The Corsair