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Delivering A New Generation Yachting Experience

Main Raise Yachting was born from a vision of opulence and adventure as well as working to turn dreams into reality. By providing industry-leading Yacht Management, Yacht Sales and Tailored Digital Software Systems, we have become the trusted partner for many established businesses and vessels within the yacht industry.

With over 15 years of experience within the yachting industry, our team of highly experienced experts utilise cutting edge technology to ensure that we always deliver for our clients. Our world-class service is second to none.

The Main Raise Yachting family believes that building long-term relationships is key to success. Having done this with many of our clients, they have seen the benefits of having a trusted and experienced consultancy onboard with their vessel or business. We pride ourselves on always listening to the client’s needs and providing a personalised and bespoke service tailored to this.


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Buy, Manage, Sell

You Lead with Innovation

The intelligent management platform for shipowners, crews and companies.
Offering a series of software and solutions that integrate according to your needs, with disruptive and innovative technologies.

Including a Virtual Office, Yacht Management Software, Business Directory and Distance Learning proprietary dashboard, billing and contracts. Telemedicine, Virtual Reality, remote assistance and more.

Premium, around the clock support, is included.



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Hire Professional Developer

Professional Web Developer

Digital service management for Yachts or businesses from a remote location. From marketing, growth hacking, social media management, our team can help you surf the web without losing your way.

HubRem is a multi-digital firm, specializing in Web and App, Graphic Design, Photo Editor, Content Writing using technology like WordPress, Joomla, Bitrix, Magento, Woocomerce, Adobe, Google, React +, Laravel and more. Connected from a single Virtual Office where you can assign tasks and follow the progress of your Project. Websites are available for chartered yachts, sales material, digital brochures all of which guide your guests and give professionals and slick examples of what you can do.

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Take back your free time

Get Valuable Time Back

Managing a yacht without the right team can be difficult and stressful. From hiring the crew, to supporting logistical operations and to bureaucratic formalities, it is easy to get lost in coordination and not be able to take full advantage of the enjoyment of your yacht.

YotMan, Yacht Manager, is a service provider that simplifies the hiring and communication with professional managers and involves the owners because we think that just owning a yacht and participating in the management should be a pleasure. With YotMan, you can easily book appointments and video calls for an initial consultation, receive contracts and start hiring and monitoring the work done.

All from the website or mobile application.

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Find A Tailored Solution

A Common Perspective

Speice is the skills exchange program between nautical and astronautical professionals to study solutions to be implemented in the two sectors.

There are four points covered to date in this project: Climate, Technologies, Pollution and Life.




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